Because I Love Him

I write because I love him; because I burn with it.

I wake in the night. Sweet words flow. Thoughts whirl of the world spinning, spinning and then my Lord comes for me and I have peace. The kind of peace that is hard won but that leaves those who overcome changed forever, firmly resolved that this is just and right and true and the battle is won through love, in love. That’s our call – to love one another. Our call is to fight for the weak, the downtrodden, the forgotten among us. Our call is to love one another, or may I say, to love another one. One more. One more. One more.

I write because I love him and I love him because he first loved me.

He. First. Loved. Me.


Come fall in love with him. Do again what you did at the first. Encounter a King who rides a white horse, whose robes are white and sodden red, whose own back was ripped and blood poured out to ransom his bride. Whose body was torn yet who overcame the grave. Follow the one who set the captives free. Trust in the one who rules with a rod of iron. He who tenderly caresses her who turns to him and accepts his covering. He is Jeshua. His banner over me is love.